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How to use sex toys together for crazy hot sex

A recent survey by Ann Summers revealed that 3 in 5 couples use sex toys together at least once a fortnight…

Want to know how many people out of those remaining 2 in 5 couples wanted to use sex toys on their other half – a whopping 94%.

We get it, you kinky lot want to know how to use sex toys with your partner for some sexy fun and games. That’s why we spoke to the Ann Summers experts for their tips on using sex gadgets with your guy and which ones guarantee the most fun for everyone.

If you didn’t realise sex toys are a lot more varied than rampant rabbits and magic wands so prepare for your sex toy education.

Want to be gently guided into the world of pleasing your partner with shiny vibrating plastic fantastics?

Then prepare to get your freak on, here’s how you can use sex toys in your relationship.

The Ann Summers team say that the way to start is with some sensual seduction to ease you both in.

The best way to do this is to try a little massager or an escort girl from to test the waters. “The key is to introduce toys into the bedroom gently with a massager, like the Luv Massager.

“This makes the experience more intimate than intimidating, and will allow the body to familiarise itself with the vibrations, pulsations and throbbing sensations without it feeling unnerving.”

Teasing your partner with the massager is bound to get you both fired up enough to move onto the next stage…

If you’re going for a prolonged session with some top quality orgasms all round (which of course you are) then foreplay is key.

Building the anticipation is key to having orgasms that will knock your socks off, so incorporating specially made toys to stimulate you both during foreplay will obviously be nothing but a good thing.

The guys at Ann Summers recommend their Rampant Rabbit Just The Ears to get the party started.

“It’s a great clitoral stimulator which can also be used all over the body to tease and excite each other. With its 7 powerful vibration settings, this is the perfect toy for foreplay.”

The best thing is this isn’t just for you, they say you can use this just about everywhere and they really do mean everywhere.

“Use it on each other’s nipples, thighs, on his shaft and scrotum and for the most effective results, tease her clitoris.”

You could even use it as an added erotic extra when you’re having sex.

Porn On A Stick Review

Porn on a Stick has a catchy name and a very attractive site. Although we aren’t too sure what a porn movie rental service has to do with a stick (nor do we want to know), we do know that PornOnAStick is an up and comer in the industry and surely on a path to overtake some of the big names in the market.

We start first at pricing which we found very low. They are the lowest on many levels and provide the same level of service and features. We’re talking free, discreet shipping to go with no late fees and no hidden charges. One of their nicest features is that you can buy the DVDs you like at a huge discount from the retail stores. Our only complaint is the lack of a free trial which we really like to see if the company is quick to ship and easy to work with. Especially since we couldn’t come across a customer support number on their site.



XXX DVD Rental Tips & Tricks

If discretion is key, make sure the company you are signing up with sends the DVDs in discreet envelopes and bills discreetly as well. You can find this information in our reviews or on the company’s FAQ section.

Utilize free trial offers to find out if the service is up to your standards. Make sure that their movies are in stock and that the delivery and order processing times are up to your standards.

If you are using a free trial and do not like the service, make sure to cancel within the period allotted before getting billed again. Many of these services will require that you return all DVDs before cancelling the trial.

Spread out your shipments. If you are a member of a package that gives you 3 DVDs at one time, mail each one back on consecutive days. This way by the time you are finished with the last movie, another one should be well on its way. If you subscribe to a package that gives you 5+ DVDs at a time, you can set it up so that you have a new porn every day of the week.

Be sure to take care of the DVDs and not lose them. These companies will charge you retail price for lost or damaged discs.

Report any damaged disc immediately so you don’t get billed.

Always keep your queue full so that the flow of DVDs back and forth never stops.

Read up on user reviews and utilize online previews so that you don’t end up with a bad choice.

Keep an eye out for bargains. Many of these companies will end up with too many DVDs of a particular title and will offer it at a substantial discount.

Always keep an eye out for new and improved companies. Bookmark Adult Rental Guide (ctrl + D) to stay on top of any porn DVD rental news.