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Significance of intimacy between couples

While some people cannot wait to explore their sexuality, others think sex is a bit overrated and prefer to wait till marriage. But lets face it, sex is really important for the survival of any relationship as long as the two of you are serious and care for each other. Below are reasons why you should probably consider having more sex if you are in a serious relationship and you think it is time to take it to the next level.


important to remain sexy for your partner

1. The most obvious reason is that it will connect the both of you. A sexless relationship may do well at first, but with time it becomes vulnerable. Sex being an intimate experience will bring the two of you closer. You will also get to know each other better although this time in the bedroom environment, for example what makes him or her horny. This will definitely keep the relationship going.
2. It is not surprising that sex has numerous health benefits. Research and studies show that it improves cardiovascular health reducing chances of getting a heart attack. For the men, the more they ejaculate the more they reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. After an orgasm, a hormone prolactin is usually produced by the body and responsible for falling asleep right after sex. This contributes to a good night sleep. Sex also fights the aging process and reduces osteoporosis development.
3. Having sex is a great way to exercise. It has been shown that you can burn about four calories per minute of having sex and up to about 144 calories in half an hour. Just like the normal exercising program, the more you have sex the more you burn the calories and the faster you lose weight.
4. It makes you beautiful- Sex has been shown to contribute to a having a flawless skin. It makes your skin glow because it will improves the circulation of blood in your body. This means more oxygen supply to the skin making it look brighter and healthier. It also balances your hormones which will also contribute to a glowing and clearer looking skin. Sex also improves your self esteem making you more confident and confidence then contributes to beauty.
5. Sex improves your libido.Some people, have a low sex drive. If this is the case for you then you need to have more sex to better your sex. Once you start having it, you will find yourself craving for more.
6. It keeps the relationship vibrant- Apart from just connecting the two of you sex actually keeps the relationship interesting. Scientifically, every time you have sex you release a hormone ,oxytosin ,which makes you love your partner even more. Trying out new sex positions and having sex in unexpected places makes the relationship even more fascinating. It also contributes to the happiness of the people involved.
7. Having sex is a great way to relieve stress. Having to balance a hectic work schedule with an equally hectic home life can make life unbearable. However,after a long day, having great sex will solve this problem because it will release a feel good chemical which will keep stress at bay.

The importance of sex therefore cannot be underestimated. Always spare sometime just to intimately connect with your partner because apart from making you feel warm and fuzzy it also makes you happy and relaxed. However, having sex outside the relationship would only make you feel empty and used, so only indulge in it with someone you truly love.

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