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Be aware of cheap toys

Cheap sex toys from China are flooding the English sex toy markets, says Tina from London escorts. I use quite a lot of sex toys and I have come across some toys that are highly dangerous. You really need to be careful where you get your sex toys from these days. For instance, make sure that all of the products that you buy are marked with a CE stamp. If, you come across sex toys that are not marked with a CE stamp, you need to take them to Trading Standards straight away. I also have friends who have work for London escorts and have found dangerous toys, says Tina.

The most common toy to have a problem is the vibrator, says Tina. Vibrators are very popular amongst the very best escorts in London, and we use them a lot at home. Recently, a couple of my London escorts friends have told me that the motors on their vibrators have burned out after just a couple of uses. This is not any good at all and should be dealt with. If this happens to you, you should immediately take the toy back to the shop where you bought and complain. It could be that there is a manufacturing fault that they are not aware of at all.

Some lube creams from China can be a problem as well. Many lube creams made in China contain heavy metals and can cause health problems. I have never had it happened to me but some of my London escorts colleagues have had a problem. I would recommend that you buy a lube cream or gel that has been manufactured in the UK. They are more expensive but you don’t want to have a health problems. I have spoken to many London escorts about this particular problem, but yet the creams are flooding the market.

Overall, says Tina from London escorts, it is better to pay more for your toys. You may save a bit of money but what are you actually buying. If you are buying an unsafe product, you may have to be prepared for injuries such as cuts. Vibrators that burn out whilst being used can actually cause some serious injuries and you don’t want that at all. So, far I have not heard of any London escorts that this has happened to but I have heard stories from other sources.

Buying sex toys online is perfectly okay for most people, says Tina from escorts in London, but you need to make sure that they are not being shipped from China. A lot of sites, and especially Ebay, are known to ship directly from China. Most London escorts are aware of this but I don’t think a lot of other people are when they make their purchases. Be really aware all of the time, and if you are not sure about the product you are buying, please don’t buy it. Ebay can offer some good deals but you may also want to check out discount sites such as Groupon for your sex toy needs.

Basildon escorts on teen age magazines

Teenage magazines are not as sweet and innocent as they once used to be, says Tina from Basildon escorts. When I was a little girl, teenage magazines used to offer advice on clothes or lip stick. Now, it seems like they are wanting to turn themselves into sex guides, and I am afraid that I don’t agree with that at all. Kids have a tough already with sexuality and we don’t need to make it tougher. Kids often have sex at a younger age these days, and I am wondering if this is really what we should be promoting to them?

I personally think that teenage magazines need to be cleaned up at least a little bit. Many parents, including Basildon escorts, who are parents are concerned about their kids buying them. I can fully understand that, and if I had teenagers I would not want them to buy them. They are simply not nice any more and I hate the way they give a very strange image of girls. It seems that once again, young girls are being seen as sex objects and I don’t think that is any good at all. It is certainly not the way I think that females should be seen by young boys.

Girls should be encouraged to get an education and go to college. At the moment I am working for Basildon escorts but I am saving up to go back to college to finish off my education. When I first started going to college I could not finish my course. The problem was that my dad had just been made redundant, and my parents could not afford to pay for my education. Yes, it was upsetting, but I understood. Now I am planning to relaunch my education once I have enough money in the bank.

I am not worried about working as part of Basildon escorts but I don’t want to do it forever. The plan is to make enough money so that I can go to beauty college and train to be a certified beautician. It is a good job and very flexible. The best thing of all is that you can work from home, and I hope to be able to do just that. It is not a cheap education, but I should have more than enough in about a year’s time. I will also have enough money to buy a little place close to my parents house.

To be perfectly honest, I have been helping my parents out a bit. Dad is finding it hard to get another job, so I am giving them some of my earnings from Basildon escorts. I don’t mind at all, and they have a bit more comfortable lifestyle. My mom does a couple of cleaning jobs in the village and that helps as well. My teenage sister is doing okay, and I hope she will be able to go onto to college. She is only 14, a nice girl but I am still worried about all of the rubbish they keep printing in teenage magazines.

Significance of intimacy between couples

While some people cannot wait to explore their sexuality, others think sex is a bit overrated and prefer to wait till marriage. But lets face it, sex is really important for the survival of any relationship as long as the two of you are serious and care for each other. Below are reasons why you should probably consider having more sex if you are in a serious relationship and you think it is time to take it to the next level.


important to remain sexy for your partner

1. The most obvious reason is that it will connect the both of you. A sexless relationship may do well at first, but with time it becomes vulnerable. Sex being an intimate experience will bring the two of you closer. You will also get to know each other better although this time in the bedroom environment, for example what makes him or her horny. This will definitely keep the relationship going.
2. It is not surprising that sex has numerous health benefits. Research and studies show that it improves cardiovascular health reducing chances of getting a heart attack. For the men, the more they ejaculate the more they reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. After an orgasm, a hormone prolactin is usually produced by the body and responsible for falling asleep right after sex. This contributes to a good night sleep. Sex also fights the aging process and reduces osteoporosis development.
3. Having sex is a great way to exercise. It has been shown that you can burn about four calories per minute of having sex and up to about 144 calories in half an hour. Just like the normal exercising program, the more you have sex the more you burn the calories and the faster you lose weight.
4. It makes you beautiful- Sex has been shown to contribute to a having a flawless skin. It makes your skin glow because it will improves the circulation of blood in your body. This means more oxygen supply to the skin making it look brighter and healthier. It also balances your hormones which will also contribute to a glowing and clearer looking skin. Sex also improves your self esteem making you more confident and confidence then contributes to beauty.
5. Sex improves your libido.Some people, have a low sex drive. If this is the case for you then you need to have more sex to better your sex. Once you start having it, you will find yourself craving for more.
6. It keeps the relationship vibrant- Apart from just connecting the two of you sex actually keeps the relationship interesting. Scientifically, every time you have sex you release a hormone ,oxytosin ,which makes you love your partner even more. Trying out new sex positions and having sex in unexpected places makes the relationship even more fascinating. It also contributes to the happiness of the people involved.
7. Having sex is a great way to relieve stress. Having to balance a hectic work schedule with an equally hectic home life can make life unbearable. However,after a long day, having great sex will solve this problem because it will release a feel good chemical which will keep stress at bay.

The importance of sex therefore cannot be underestimated. Always spare sometime just to intimately connect with your partner because apart from making you feel warm and fuzzy it also makes you happy and relaxed. However, having sex outside the relationship would only make you feel empty and used, so only indulge in it with someone you truly love.

More interesting sex tips can be found on this website.

How to use sex toys together for crazy hot sex

A recent survey by Ann Summers revealed that 3 in 5 couples use sex toys together at least once a fortnight…

Want to know how many people out of those remaining 2 in 5 couples wanted to use sex toys on their other half – a whopping 94%.

We get it, you kinky lot want to know how to use sex toys with your partner for some sexy fun and games. That’s why we spoke to the Ann Summers experts for their tips on using sex gadgets with your guy and which ones guarantee the most fun for everyone.

If you didn’t realise sex toys are a lot more varied than rampant rabbits and magic wands so prepare for your sex toy education.

Want to be gently guided into the world of pleasing your partner with shiny vibrating plastic fantastics?

Then prepare to get your freak on, here’s how you can use sex toys in your relationship.

The Ann Summers team say that the way to start is with some sensual seduction to ease you both in.

The best way to do this is to try a little massager or an escort girl from to test the waters. “The key is to introduce toys into the bedroom gently with a massager, like the Luv Massager.

“This makes the experience more intimate than intimidating, and will allow the body to familiarise itself with the vibrations, pulsations and throbbing sensations without it feeling unnerving.”

Teasing your partner with the massager is bound to get you both fired up enough to move onto the next stage…

If you’re going for a prolonged session with some top quality orgasms all round (which of course you are) then foreplay is key.

Building the anticipation is key to having orgasms that will knock your socks off, so incorporating specially made toys to stimulate you both during foreplay will obviously be nothing but a good thing.

The guys at Ann Summers recommend their Rampant Rabbit Just The Ears to get the party started.

“It’s a great clitoral stimulator which can also be used all over the body to tease and excite each other. With its 7 powerful vibration settings, this is the perfect toy for foreplay.”

The best thing is this isn’t just for you, they say you can use this just about everywhere and they really do mean everywhere.

“Use it on each other’s nipples, thighs, on his shaft and scrotum and for the most effective results, tease her clitoris.”

You could even use it as an added erotic extra when you’re having sex.